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    Epoxy Structural Adhesive - Hysol® Flexible Grey E-90FL 50ML DUAL CARTRIDGE 10/CS

    2-part, toughened, medium viscosity, industrial-grade solid epoxy adhesive Extended working life allows more time to adjust parts during assembly Typical applications include bonding plastic, metal, glass, wood, ceramic, rubber, and masonry materials where flexibility is required Can also be used for repairing strain gauges, sealing seams on fibreglass components, repairing printed circuit boards, bonding stainless steel inserts, and rubber hose to steel tubing
    Old price$26.85 /EA $26.85 / EA

    Epoxy Adhesive - Hysol® Urethane White U-05FL 50ML DUAL CARTRIDGE 10/CS

    Industrial grade Cures at room temperature Forms a highly flexible bond line Provides excellent peel and shear strength Bonds a variety of metals, plastics, glass, wood and more Can also be used for potting and encapsulating
    Old price$38.68 /EA $38.68 / EA

    Structural Adhesive - Speedbonder™ Fast Fixture Green H8000 50ML DUAL CARTRIDGE 10/CS

    2-part, non-sag, room temperature curing methacrylate acrylic adhesive system Fast fixture time Excellent bond strength Provides high elongation and excellent cold temperature impact strength Recommended substrates include steel, aluminum, stainless steel, FRP, xenoy, RTM, gelcoat and ABS
    Old price$35.67 /EA $35.67 / EA

    Epoxy - Fixmaster® Poxy Pak™ Fast Cure Clear 9017 1FLOZ SYRINGE 12/CS

    Premeasured resin and hardener for easy application, consistent strength and time savings Bonds virtually any material Repair, fill and seal holes, cracks and worn surfaces May be drilled, tapped, sanded, or machined and painted after cure Reaches handling strength in 4 to 6 mins, fully cures in 45 to 60 mins Easy to use in a syringe applicator
    Old price$13.89 /EA $13.89 / EA

    Epoxy Adhesive - Hysol® Non-Sag Grey 9460 50ML DUAL CARTRIDGE 10/CS

    A grey, 2-part, thixotropic, modified epoxy adhesive formulated for ease of use and good balance of properties It gives very high peel strength and excellent shear strength Its flexibility makes it useful for bonding dissimilar substrates Recommended substrates include metals, engineering thermoplastics and thermoset laminates such as sheet molding compound (SMC)
    Old price$34.65 /EA $34.65 / EA

    Adhesive Epoxy Two-Part EA0151 Clear 398470 3.30OZ 10/BX

    LOCTITE® EA 0151 Epoxy is a general purpose, ultra clear, thixotropic paste adhesive and multiple surface structural adhesive with a 50-minute worklife Allows for extended adjustment time Adhesive for fibre optic components
    Old price$25.55 /EA $25.55 / EA

    Structural Adhesive - Aluminum Bonder Clear AA H8003 490ML CARTRIDGE 8/CS

    Two-component room temperature curing methacrylate adhesive system Designed to have a fast fixture time and excellent bond strength Used on multiple substrates which include a variety of metals including galvanized steel, plastics and composites Offers superior peel and impact resistance
    Old price$130.59 /EA $130.59 / EA

    Flexible Acrylic Adhesive - Scotch-WeldT Black DP8610NS 45ML Duo-Pak 12/CS

    Old price$29.25 /EA $31.51 / EA

    Structural Adhesive - Scotch-Weld™ Acrylic Green DP8425NS 490ML 6/CS

    23-minute work life with 53 minutes to structural strength Durable bond with excellent shear, peel, and high impact strength Offers improved adhesion to many plastics and metals, including those with slightly oily surfaces High strength with minimal surface prep Features spacer beads to control bond line thickness Durable product that features a fast rate of strength build to provide structural strength in just minutes
    Old price$131.65 /EA $131.65 / EA

    Structural Adhesive - Methacrylate Two-Part Grey AA H3410 400ML CARTRIDGE 8/CS

    Two-component, room temperature curing methacrylate adhesive system Designed to have excellent bond strength on multiple substrates which includes a variety of metals including galvanized steel, plastics and composites Offers superior peel and impact resistance
    Old price$191.73 /EA $191.73 / EA