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    About Us

    Lowry is a distribution and service company that was established in Winnipeg, Manitoba by founder Gord Lowry in 1969.  Over the past 5+ decades, Lowry has expanded and now has four warehouses in Western Canada.  Our offices in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Regina and Winnipeg provide business customers with a diverse line of adhesive tapes, adhesives, films, safety, warehouse, shipping, facility and packaging supplies.

    • Solutions to the most unique challenges
    • The best product for the project and we make good on our promise to deliver exceptional quality and service that extends beyond the initial sale
    • Value-added customer service through site visits and custom stocking programs

    At Lowry we pride ourselves on being the "The Tape and Adhesive Specialist" and have developed a reputation for expertise in bonding.  No other supplier in Western Canada has matched our commitment to expanding their knowledge of tape and adhesives in order to better understand its client's needs.

    As "The Tape and Adhesive Specialists" and a market leader in packaging products Lowry has established strong partnerships with many of the world's leading producers of adhesive tapes, adhesives, safety and packaging.  This global sourcing coupled with its membership in Balpex makes Lowry Sales Western Canada's most competitive single-source supplier.

    Our corporate philosophy puts our employees first.  By doing so, we ensure that our customers receive the industry's highest level of service.  Customers enjoy consistency and all the benefits of long-term relationships.  We are proud of our people and it shows; average tenure at Lowry exceeds 12 years, currently, our most experienced member has been with Lowry since 1977.